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I've posted the same question on stackexchange but haven't found any solution yet.Please refere the below link to have a look on my controller,Page1 and Page2.

It would be great if anyone can sort out this.Thanks in advance.!! :)


Hi everyone,


    I am a newbie to FDC (so please correct me if I am wrong anywhere) . I have gone thorugh Apex REST API and found that we can create our custom web services in Apex and expose them as REST services using Apex REST. But in most of the references it is given that we can use any programming language of our choice ( i.e. from outside FDC) to invoke this custom WS via REST API. But I want to invoke the same using Apex code (i.e., from inside FDC) via REST API.


Any help is highly appreciated

  • August 25, 2011
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