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Wondering if anyone has experienced this issue and has a solution or workaround to get responsive email templates working with Salesforce email templates.

I use an application to build responsive emails, which provides all the html with inline css . When I send a test with with the application or a third party service, it gets delivered with no layout anomalies.
However, when I past the code into a "Custom" Salesforce email template, save it, and send a test, the layout is all distorted on mobile devices. I am guessing Salesforce is ignoring or removing some of the inline CSS. 

Any suggestions to this issue?

I want to embed or to display a report on my VF page. Report doesn't contain any chart.
I used the tag<analytics reportchart reportID/> but it shows the error that The report chart is unavailable because the report's format is not summary or matrix. 
I also tried to use <apex iframe tag> to embed report on my page but it is also not displaying anything.

Could you tell me how I can display a report(summary or tabular or matrix) on a VF page?

Thanks in advance.