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I have a dashboard with various reports shown as charts in lightning in two environments. One is my dev and another is a test environment. Now for some odd reason, the charts are displayed a little differently between the two environments even though the the settings look identical in classic.
The issue is that we have two variables on the Y-axis. In the one environment, the two variable are displayed as so:

User-added image

The two scales are even height but different values and on opposite sides. This is not what I want. In the other environment is looks as so:

User-added image

With both variables on one side, separated by a comma. In classic, the chart options are the same! One interesting thing is that for the chart that looks how i want (comma separated), i can click the edit button in lightning, but I cannot click that button for the other environment. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
I've got an Sobject collection variable in a flow, and I would like to display a list of values from the collection in a display text field.

If I use the varaible resource, it displays the IDs, along the lines of [Id1, Id2, Id3].

Is there any way to get the flow to produce something along the lines of:

Name1, Value1
Name2, Value2,
Name3, Value3,

in a display text field?

If not possible in the flow itself, I'm guessing if I embed the flow in a visualforce page I could pull it off, but would appreciate any tips on going about that.


(Cross post from success: https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=90630000000Cr4J)

Is there a way to change the Finish button default on a VWF run from a custom button URL that's not referencing a VFP?  Basically I have a simple flow that starts with a button click from a detail page, which opens a new browser window and shows some data along with the standard VWF Finish button. 


What I'd like is for finish to close the window, not restart the workflow.