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        We want to use knowledge base with site, so guest user could access site with articles from salesforce, but they also need thumbs up or down voting for article. Now we want to count this number, but we couldn't find any objects with this field to store the value or summary thumbs up or down. For internal user or community user, they could make this action then we will see the count in the article. So who knows where we could get this field or salesforce provide it to us for counting ? We found salesforce gave us a vote count report which has the count of thumbs up or down, but could we get them and add value by apex or query ? Thanks.


I met a problem, now I create a custom profile with license "Custom Community Login", and also one pubilc site (Community), then I hope that I could download file (a link) with this profile, but it always failed. Could it work with this license ?

Thanks !