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I am trying to deploy a community from one sandbox to another sandbox using the sfdx force:source:deploy command from with VS Code.
I have successfully retrieved the community components using a manifest file into a VS Code project.
However when deploying these components to a different sandbox I get the error below:
ExperienceBundle  force-app\main\default\experiences\Self_Service_Portal1.site-meta.xml  You seem to be missing the property componentAttributes in Self_Service_Portal1/themes/ember.json with component ID: 06515b9d-2dcf-4ac4-9b20-7371a1274f93

I have looked at the ember.json file and the component with the ID is named "siteforce:themeLayoutStarter".
I have looked at the ember.json file in the target sandbox and the values are exactly the same, so it exists in the target sandbox?
So it would seem I need the component within my project and part of the deployment?
Any help appreciated.
  • August 21, 2020
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