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I have been seeking help from both Salesforce and Pardot. I need to have Salesforce set up to only filter new leads into Pardot. The conversation got to the point with Salesforce and Pardot where they have asked me to put post my query here so that a developer can assit me. 

I look forward to receiving your help.

Salesforce has recommended the following:

1) If you only want to transfer certain Leads or Contact into Pardot from Salesforce, we need to write a trigger to delete the ObjectChangeLog (OCL) that are trying to create and are contacts.
2) ObjectChangeLog – this is the custom object installed with Pardot’s AppExchange package. Its primary purpose is to auto-create prospects in Pardot when new leads or contacts (or person accounts) with an email address are created in Salesforce, or when they are updated to add a new email address (not change an existing one) at some point after the initial creation. It is also responsible for marking prospects [[CRM_Deleted]] when their corresponding CRM record is removed in Salesforce. The Pardot AppExchange package in Salesforce uses triggers (LogLeadChange, LogContactChange, and LogAccountChange) to create an ObjectChangeLog record every time a creation event occurs in Salesforce. The ObjectChangeLog record is then read by the Pardot connector, deleted, and a new prospect is created in Pardot based on the information from that record.
3) As informed by Pardot support in-order for certain Contacts not to sync in Pardot from Salesforce CRM user should also not have access to that record in Salesforce for which they advised to create a sharing rule, according to below pardot article link
Article link: http://help.pardot.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2127279-when-do-leads-sync-with-the-crm-
"Leads and Contacts with the same email address: If there is a lead and a contact in SugarCRM or Salesforce, the prospect in Pardot will sync with the contact by default."
However we checked that you only have 3 users in your system and 2 are system admins so by making Contact private and creating sharing rule may not help as system admins will have View all permissions and they will be able to view all Contacts records and as they able to view on Salesforce it will automatically sync in Pardot.
As suggested earlier by Pardot this may be possible by creating a trigger to delete the ObjectChangeLog (OCL) that are trying to create and sync contacts/prospects, which needs developer intervention. So, I suggested you to post a question under developer forum.
Developer support is currently available only to our premier customers and partners. We apologize for any impact this may be having on you. As you have Standard support, we will close the case at this time.
We support our standard customers and partners through the developer support boards at https://developer.salesforce.com/.
If you have a developer support question, are looking for technical documentation, best practices, code samples and other ways to speed your development time the developer forums are the place for just that. We have dedicated support agents that work the boards to answer questions and review questions to ensure that you get a response.
The developer discussion boards can be accessed directly at https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/#!/feedtype=RECENT&criteria=ALLQUESTIONS
To log into the developer forums you can use your salesforce username and password.
There are also many other great resources for developers such as:
1. Developer Workbooks can be accessed directly at http://developer.force.com/workbooks
2. Code Samples and Best Practices can be found here http://developer.force.com/cookbook
3. Salesforce.com Developer Documentation can be found here: http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Documentation
4. Salesforce live streaming channel: CodeTalk Live : http://developer.force.com/codetalk
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