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I am working on a project where I am automating the provisioning ORG's from the environment hub from a Trialforce template.  The SignupRequest API method works great and gets the baseline ORG ready.  However, after the new ORG is provisioned, i need to prepare the new ORG leveraging various API requests.  (Create / Modify users, load data, execute APEX code, etc..)  

Is there any way to get the API token of the defined admin user for the new ORG, bypassing the welcome email and then going into the UI manually and resetting the token / resetting the password of the admin user?  I understand a password would need to be defined first, and i am not sure there is a way to define the password via SignUpRequest.  My goal is to avoid manual intervention.

There also seems to be an AuthCode that would return from the SignUpRequest that i can exchange for an OAuth token.  Could that be the workaround?

Thanks in advance!

Hi All,

I am looking for soql which could fetch me all the license used for all inactive and active users in one shot. similar to displaying company license information in native SFDC environment.

I am working on displaying the license information on VF such that i can have my own custom activation and deactivation of users in organization.

Any light on this is greatly appreciated.