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Hi, can someone help me out with the following questions. Any help would be appreciated. 

1. A developer is writing a visualforce page to display a list of the checkbox fields found on a custom object.
    What is the recommended mechanism the developer should use to accomplish this?
   A.Schema Builder
   B.Metadata API
   C.Apex API
   D.Schema class
2.  How can a developer modify a highly interactive V.F page to be very responsive and work  
       on both desktop mobile devices?
   A.Use <apex:includeScript> with the standerd Salesforce1 javascript library.
   B.Use <apex:includeScript> with a custom javascript library.
   C.Use <apex:actionRegion> tags
   D.use <apex:actionSupport> tags
3.  Which Statement is true regarding both flow and Lightning Process?
    A.Are able to embedded directly into V.F pages
    B.Can use Apex methods with the @InvoicableMethod annotation
   C.Are both server-side considerations in the order of Execution
   D.Can use Apex that implements the Process.Plugin interface
4. A developer receives LimitException; too many query row:50001 error when running code
   what debugging approach using the developer console provides the fastest and most accurate mechanism
    to identity component that may be recruiting an unexpected number of rows?
     A.Add (                      ) to the code to track SOQL Query
     B.Filter the debug log on
5. A developer must create a way external parents to submit millions of leads into salesforce per day. How should the developer meet this requirement?
      A.publicity expose an apex web service via Force.com sites
      B.Create a web service on Heroku that uses Heroku Connect
      C.Publicity expose a V.F page via Force.com sites
      D.Host a web-to-lead form on the company websites
6. Which statement is true about using Chatter in Apex?
     choose 2 ans
    A.Chatter in Apex rate limits match Chatter rest API rate limits
    B.Chatter in Apex methods honor the with sharing and without sharing keywords
    C.Posting a photo in chatter in Apex is synchronous and happens immediatly
    D.Chatter in Apex methods do not run in system mode they run in the context of the current user

7. What is a best practice when unit testing a controller?
    choose 2 ans
    A.simulate best interaction by leveraging text.setMock{}
    B.Set.query parameters by using get.parameters{}.put{}
    C.Access test data by using testalldatatrue
    D.verify correct page references by using get.URL{}.