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Hi All,

I trying to print nested list using system.debug().
Output in log : ((1,2,5),(already output))
expected      : ((1,2,5),(1,2,5))

when i iterate to list i am getting expected outputs. 
just want to know why it is showing "already output" in debug log?

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I am getting following error in IE while i click on "add new crop record" button. But it works fine in chrome browser.

below is the code for button. 
<apex:commandButton action="{!addCrop}" value="{!$Label.Cropping__AddNewCropRecord}" rerender="pbc" status="{!status}" styleClass="tab-new-action" rendered="{!(!readonly && hasAvailableCrops)}"/>

i want to know what changes needs to be done in code. to make it work in IE also. or how can i troubleshoot this perticular issue ?

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