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Hi All,

I have a to load data from one Salesforce org to another. In total I have to load 500k accounts, 500k contacts and 900k cases with the values of audit fields intact. Also, the old org has person accounts but the new org doesn't have that functionality which means some data transformation is required. Additionally, the entire data load needs to be completed in a day. Following are the issues that I am facing :

1. There is also the issue that exporting these cannot be done using bulk query in data loader as bulk api doesn't support compoind queries. That means I have to use batch query which consumes huge amount of time.
2. Transformation of data is done using vlookup. For ex : there are 25 fields in account object in the old org that needs to be mapped to contact in the new org. This is a huge task that takes up lot of time and resources if done in excel sheet.

Is there an easier way to perform this task. Any suggestions on tools (free or paid) are also welcome.