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Hi there,

I've been trying to figure out a way to remove an embedded page from the "edit" view on a custom object that uses a standard record page layout - the embedded page contains information that makes sense when one is simply viewing a record (as well as interactive elements such as buttons etc), but it is undesirable in the context of editing said record as I'd rather not give users the ability to click random things while editing a record, as well as not wanting to display useless data that doesn't need to be there anyway. In Salesforce Classic it used to be the case that any embedded page will be automatically hidded from "edit" views, and it seems that the opposite is true for Lightning, with no flexibility.

The fact that the page is embedded into what is essentially a standard view (i.e. where I don't have access to its code) makes it harder and Im running out of ideas as to how I can achieve the desired result. Any advice would be much appreciated.