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I have a object which is like A -> B-> C with LOOkUP relationships
A is Master
B is child
C is grand child

I have created a report type and report with this relationship.

I have added this to page layour of B and C

On any record of B when the report which is added to the page layout is Clicked.
then an additional criteria is automatically added to the report like Custom Object B id = 00Ob0000004N23g

But the same thing does not happen with object C
the Custom Object C id = 00Ob0000004N23g

is added but Custom Object B id = 00Ob0000004N23g is not added.

Also does below many any difference
User-added image
Any tips ?
  • July 05, 2016
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HI I would like to know How to develop pageblocktable with first column as list of record names from the Master object and other 3 columns as input radio button and it should select only one radio button per record , I have to capture the result and save the column header value in the field with the record Name in another field in the child object.
Hello Ever one i want generate QR Code through apex And VF So can You plz give some code.

Thanks in Advance