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Hi, I am trying to complete following challenge in data security module under control access to fields.
Create a profile and permission set to properly handle field access
All the sales team members have access to create, edit, and view Accounts and Contacts, but NOT delete them. Also, only select senior sales members should be able to see or edit the account Rating field. For this challenge, assume they have the same object and field permissions of the Standard User profile.
Create a Profile to handle access to the Account and Contact objects. Create a Permission Set to give selective access to the Rating field.
Create a new profile based upon the existing profile: Standard User
Profile name: Account
Give the following access to the Account object: Read, Create, and Edit
Give the following access to the Contact object: Read, Create, and Edit
Remove from profile access to account Rating field: Read Access and Edit Access
Create a new permission set
Label: Rating
API Name: Rating
License: Salesforce
Give to permission set access to account Rating field: Read Access and Edit Access
My Solution Includes

Creating a profile named accounts with salesforce license and from page layout under object permission removing delete permission and keeping the READ, CREATE and EDIT permission for the account and contact object.and I couldn't find the account rating field there.
then I created the permission set called rating and in the object setting gave the read and edit access. Still unable to complete the challenge.
Please refer my mistake
Hii, I am having problem in customizing the he google info page and can't seriously decicde what to do merge contact name. can anyone pls help