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currently working on a PoC compiling a pdf from a custom object record. Using a button to redirect to a vf page, rendering the record data as PDF. Still in the very beginingn just checking whether fields render appropriately on the vF page, however am facing an issue rendering a rich text field.

Code and error below:
<apex:page StandardController="DokumentenTemplate__c" showHeader="false" renderas="pdf">
This is a standard field on the object: <br/>
This is a simple custom text field: <br/>
<apex:outputText value="{!DokumentenTemplate__c.Signatur__c}" escape="false"/>  
This is where the richt text area should be displayed: <br/>
<apex:outputText value="{!DokumentenTemplate__c.Fusszeile__c}" escape="false"/> 

The error I'm getting is the following:
Error: Invalid field Fusszeile__c for SObject DokumentenTemplate__c

API Name of the Object: DokumentenTemplate__c
Name of the field: Fusszeile__c

Queried, but couldn't find a similar post on this. Any recommendation on how to display this would be appreciated.