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Hi ,
Anyone can help me on this.
How to grant access for fields of an object of a particular profile  using apex?

Anyone can help me on this .

Sorting formula filed which conatanis Image and text.
This formula filed displays  image(Reddot) and days hours and mins.
Ex: image1 dagen02 uur 41 min .

But this returns Text when we sort this filed in list view  sorting is not happening according days hours and mins.

Is there any way to solve this.

Reduce formula filed characters limitation Error.
how to copy formula filed result in to Text filed
Sorting formula filed contains image with som Text.

Can anyone faced these issue pls let me solutions.

<div class="col-xs-6 hide-on-mobile"> <div class="quicklinks" align="right"> <ul class="l-margin-bs l-margin-tn"> <li class="google-translate"><div id="google_translate_element"></div></li> </ul> </div> </div>

I have used the above code, In IE it is working for only for 'English' ,Other languages options are not displaying
Can anyone please help me out  solution for below Scenario

Scenario : I have queried  records from  Custom Object Application__c  based on  status filed Selected using Batch class  .How can i update 
the  fecthed records(25000)  from query   according to the below Dates.

1st update 1000        10/10/2017
2nd update 5,000    11/11/2017
3rd update 15,000    12/12/2017