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apex code:

public class firstcon11 {
   public string name {get;set;}
   public String phone {get;set;}
  public  firstcon11(){
    public pagereference save() {
      ABC__c a= New ABC__c();
      a.Phone__c= phone;
      insert a;
    PageReference demoPage = new PageReference(a);
     return demoPage;


<apex:page controller="firstcon11">
  <Apex:pageBlock title="ABC details">
  <apex:commandButton value="save" action="{!save}"/>

please share ur knowledge
Hi,Guys Please ,share simple project on salesforce
Can we convert to master detail-lookup relationship?
  1. what is the groups?
  2. what is the use of groups?
  3. when will use the groups?

What is the groups?what is the use of groups?when will use the groups
Custom obj(Mobile):
Mblname      amount   customername    model
Iphone          50000        A                       I5
Iphone6        50000        b                       i6

How to update at a time only one Amount record  60000 and Mblname(Andriod) Give example
I have one CustomObject(Mobile) i want to update the Amount record,but amount  all records 5000 .I want to change one Amount record is =10000 How to change the record?
what is the Dml operation?
whats is the database.querylocator?
What is the interface?
What is the GovernerLimit in DML?
what is the @future annotation? what is the use of @future annotation explain briefly
1.When will use the Before insert and after insert?
2.What is the use of before upadte and after update?
3.what is context variables?
4.what is the difference b/w trigger.new and trigger.old

What is the difference b/w before insert and after insert?
What is the difference b/w action function and action support?
how to make the reuired information in validation rule
What are the Governer limits in salesforce?

please ,dont send the link..
International company looking for experienced Admin or Developer for multiple projects. Must have experience with Visual Force pages, the ability to build custom applications and experience with Community. 

Projects include
-Custom buttons
-Custom Objects
   - Time Tracking
   - Task Management/Checklists
   - Automated Proposals/Invoicing
-Client facing Community
   - Task Management/Checklists
   - Account Hierarchy