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How do I  run a report from a custom link, which selects records based on a date range


I want the user to enter start and end dates of the date range,and pass these to the report


The pv0, pv1 method seems to only reference fields in the current record


I want to ask for two dates then pass these to the report

  • March 19, 2012
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In the past I was able to use the pn, pc and pv parameters on report URL's to dynamically add filters via the URL. That functionality stopped working recently and I can't seem to get it to work at all anymore.

For example, this URL works but only because I have the field saved as the first filter: /00O5000000328yO?pv0=031

However, if I try to change the first parameter using pc0= all the filters are removed when the report runs: /00O5000000328yO?pc0=00N500000029a7k&pn0=eq&pv0=031. I tried using the field name as well as both the 15 and 18 character versions of the field ID. Same results. In the past I was able to pass in the 15 character field ID as the pc0 parameter.

Is there a way to do this any more?



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