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I setup my community for partners.  And then when I check the challenge I get the "Could not find a Community named "Partners"." error message.  Unsure of steps to get around this issue.  User-added image
When trying to build a new flow by computer keeps saying that the Flash has stopped responding. I am then able to start the process but about halfway through it completely shuts down and i lose everything. Any help would be much appreciated. We have tried this in Internet explorer and Chrome and still the same thing.
We have also uninstalled flash as well.
Hi Guys, I hope you can help me.
I have a custom object called "Change Request" that need approval. When a Change Request is approved, a process - developed with process builder - creates a Case with the information in the change request. I then have a lookup field to cases called "Related Case" in the Change request object to link the two. However, I would like this field to out populate. Is this possible? how?
Thank you, Rob
Hi all,

I've a question, maybe it's simple, but I'm pretty new on this..

I need to update the opportunities status, once the current date is 7 days older than the opportunity created date and the same status is "open"..

an opportunity has been created the 10th of May 2017 (and it's status is "open"), but after 7 days, if the status is still open, I need to set it to "closed".
In my case the opportunity is a custom object.

Can you help me with that? I've tried but I'm not able to find the correct solution.


I have a custom object "Projects__c" and standard "Opportunities" as a related list to projects via a lookup relationship. 

When a user creates a new Opportunity from the Projects__c object, I would like some values from the Project record to prepopulate in the opportunity when it is created. Is there a way to do this with a lookup relationship and Trigger? I know workflow and PB can only do this on save of the new record which would defeat the purpose, and am trying to avoid a URL hack. 

I don't know code other than the first two lines of the trigger, beyond that I get lost. Any suggestions? 

I setup my community for partners.  And then when I check the challenge I get the "Could not find a Community named "Partners"." error message.  Unsure of steps to get around this issue.  User-added image

Hi All, 

I am trying to get used to writing triggers doing a fairly simple trigger but I am stuck. 

I am trying to write a trigger where te scenario is:

  1.  Two objects Account and Opportunity
  2. Account field Renewal Term (Renewal_Term__c)that is picklist of years annual through sexennial
  3. Opportunity Field Contract Length ( Contract_Length__c ) that is a picklist of values 1-6
  4. I believe that there is a master-detail relationship between Account and Opportunity
  5. When an Opportunity is Closed Won, Renewal Term should update to the corresponding contract length from the Opportunity, provided that Renewal Term isn't already populated. 

Embarrassingly, all I have so far is:



trigger updatelength on Account (after update) {
    Opportunity__c[] opptoupdate = new Opporunity__c[]{};
        for(account c: trigger.new){
            for(Opportunity__c cp: [select id,name,Contract_Length__c from Opportunity__c where Account = :c.id]{


Would anyone mind helping me out?