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I'm working on a group project for a systems development class. We are working on building a CRM system for a local small business. They want to keep costs low, but they're interested in utilizing SalesForce and their current website uses .NET. Our team isn't very familar with SalesForce yet, but here's the general flow of what we're looking to do:

- Customer registers a case on a web form. This web form will also contain a userid and password for them to enter.
- The information will be passed on to the SalesForce database.
- Our SalesForce administrators will be able to view and update the case as they make progress on them.
- The customer then will be able to login from the business's website using the userid and password from the SalesForce database.
- The website will return the current status and information of the case.

First of all, does this seem possible? If so, what would be the best way to go about the development?