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Has anyone every used Salesforce as an inventory managment system? Currently we manually count the amount of items we have in stock and starting next year, we are going to try to implement a bar code scanner system. All our products will ship with barcodes (as they previously didn't) and I was wondering what is the best way to scan the item into salesforce and make the count for that item/product go up by one for each object scanned. Currently in our salesforce account we do have an inventory count system that tell us how many of each product we have but it is manually changed when we received new products. I hope that Salesforce will automatically increase the count of the scanned object by one with a bar code system scanner. We have a barcode, but essentially no inventory control software. Should we purchase one from another third party company such as wasp, but it cannot integrate directly with salesforce (though it can produce CSV files)  or reprogram our salesforce account with code to increase the count of the object scanned directly on Salesforce. Thanks for any help!