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We are receiving spam Leads on our org but we have been applying some techniques in order to stop them but no luck with it.

We can filter on the leads spam those spam leads (applying filter as we know how to distinguish them from real ones) but we can not stop them to receive the email when a new lead comes.

Place where Leads comes to our org:
- We have a web-to-Lead form (only one) on our website but we have reCaptcha and we are sending extra data when the user have submitted this form so we are sure we are not getting this fake leads from there.


Lead Settings/Notify Default Lead Owner is enabled

- We have set a customize template when a leads comes, assigned to a lead assignment rule.

When a lead comes, we are getting (default owner) a different template. This is the template we get (it seems a general one from Salesforce):

A lead has been assigned to you, the default owner. Click the link below to view the record in salesforce.com

We have seen that this templates is not set anywhere. So we are receiving spam and it seems that the lead assignment rule we have set to block this spam is not working.


Is there a way when a lead comes to our organization, before of adding to the leads list, evaluate it on Salesforce (for any field: lead status, lead source, email, ...) ?

Thanks in advance