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I am doing canvas integration for Oracle Incentive Comp Screen Plugin In SFDC VF Page Using connected app Web Flow Get access method. However I am unable to determine how exactly OAUTH will be handled and screen can be displayed in SFDC. I have checked on with various article's and implementation guide for CANVAS,But could not find anything substantial.
I will really appreciate  any documentation or piece of code which could help me understand what i need to do next.
We have a Canvas connected app that is using the Web Server OAuth flow.  This is working for all of our clients except for one who is in version winter 16 beta and Performance Edition in their sandbox.  We have “Admin approved users are pre-authorized”.  However for this client we are getting an error from the RemoteAccessAuthorizationPage.apexp (see the ConsoleLog.png), it is refusing to display because of the x-frame-options.  It is our understanding that with the pre-authorized OAuth setting, this page does not need to display, but simply redirect back to our Canvas app.  If we open the RemoteAccessAuthorizationPage in another window (outside the iframe), we see the see the page in the attached RequestingPermission.png image.  We are presuming this is the page users would see if the OAuth setting was “All users may self-authorize”.  After clickin “allow” on this page, our Canvas app authorizes and loads.  We want to help this customer use our app.  Can you tell us why this is not working and how to fix it?  Is there an additional setting needs to be tweak for this version?
User-added image 
User-added image
A second issue is that the request to our Canvas app from all installed instances comes from a URL host ending with “visual.force.com”.  From this customer the URL host is “cvent--pcopy.cs21.my.salesforce.com” which does not end with “visual.force.com”.  Why is that?

Has anyone heard if there are plans to extend Canvas Apps (http://blogs.developerforce.com/developer-relations/2012/09/create-force-com-apps-anywhere-with-force-com-canvas.html)  for deeper integration into force.com or if there is a way to do this today?


I'm looking at building an integration by building and distributing Visual Force Components.  The idea is to provide a new UI feature which force.com developers can easily snap into Visual Force pages.  But, one limitation I encountered is with outbound web requests, limited to 3MB, among other limitations.  For this reason, I'm led to see if I can host my features outside of Salesforce and then integrate as a Canvas App or using a similar iframe approach.


Canvas Apps look very interesting because (assuming I understand correctly) they allow me to develop on my own platform and hosting provider and at the same time providing users with a single sign-on experience.  The limits I would encouter developing Canvas Apps are those which apply to web services, which I have found to be much more relaxed.


However, Canvas Apps appear to be limited to presenting as a link from the Chatter page.  It would be great if I could leverage the goodness of Canvas Apps from inside a custom component.  


I've also thought about spinning my own, using OAuth + iFrame approach.  I think this approach could do the trick but wanted to first see if others have tried using the Canvas Apps goodness in other places such as Visual Force pages and components.