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Hi, We are migrating from Old Salesforce Instance to New Salesforce Instance. We have Docusign implemented and have good number of Documents. We would like to migrate these documents to new Org. 
Question is, 
1. Is this Possible?
2. What are concerns or issues?
Hi, I need to access the PageLayout assigned for logged in user for a given Object or Record Id. This details needs to be fetched in Lightning component. I think due to security restrictions, Lightning doesn't allow sending HTTP request directly to fetch pageLayout assigned for the logged in user unless we create Connected App, Auth Providers and Named Credential. So I thought of using Metadata API. Is there a way to fetch it using Metadata API? Pls provide a code snippet. 
I was trying to follow to create Lightening Component. While I was trying to Preview the application, it was giving me error and was asking me to create My Domain. Before I go further, I want to know,

What is the difference in behavior between My Domain and Registering NameSpace? As with NameSpace, does My Domain will also override entire url for my developer force account? Or does this affect only for Lightening components? 
Hi All,

We have one visualforce page.In that page there is one checkbox field related to contact object.What our requirement is when we click on that check box,the 'Active' checkbox in user object should be checked and reset password for that user.Can any one help me?

Thanks in advance