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I'm very new to developing Lightning Apps/Components. I've created a couple of custom components and tied them together via event handling to an off-the-shelf custom component.

I have a few questions that I haven't been able to find answered anywhere:

1) Is it possible in the Lightning App Builder to get access to the events from the various components to tie them together? For example: I'd like a click on the filter list component to cause the record that was clicked to be displayed in a different panel in the app.
2) If the above is not possible, is it possible to open a Lightning Page that was built in Lightning App Builder in the Developer Console so that the events fired by the different components can be viewed and handlers can be created for the events?
3) If the above is not possible, is it possible to use standard components in the Developer Console? When I try to open Lightning Resources, the only components I see are custom ones.
4) Is there some documentation that details the various events that are fired by the standard components?

Thanks for the help.