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I have one custom object and one standard objects b/w relations but not visible the recors when click the lookup field..please share ur experience
system.assert &system.assertequals methods
What is The Controller&standaradController,ControllerExtension

Give One Simple scenario On controller Exetensions​?
Profile & roles@owd interview questions and Answers
what's the before insert and after insert example
what is the null pointer
what is the use of trigger?where can we used?
Explain Total Salesforce architecture?
Can we write SOSL statements in triggers
I have my Salesforce.com Certified Administrator credential, and would like to gain more experience in the field.

I would like to volunteer my time (20 hours a week) to help a non-profit with any Salesforce.com admin tasks.

I am located in the Fremont California (USA) region, but naturally, can work remotely with any English-language org.

Appreciate any leads or any direction you can give.


Sunny Singh