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I need to find a way or need to create a way for my Community Users to view associated accounts of opportunities.
Currently my Community Users can view their Opportunities they are the owners of and the associated Accounts to those.
But when I have a manager and/or a "super user" within the same office they are only able to view the Opportunities of the other users.
I need to make it so the Manager or the "super user" in the same office is able to not only see their opportunities but also the associated accounts.

At the moment our Partners can see our Administrator's calendar events - this is crazy!
This runs contrary to all the permissions logic in Salesforce. They cant see the Administrator's contacts but they can see what the Administrator is doing today!

The best I can do is go to Administration Setup -> Security Controls -> Sharing Settings -> Calendar
And set Calendar to "Hide Details" and this just hides the details of the Administrators calendar event and says "Busy", but can see the days and times of his meetings!
This obviously destroys our Partners confidence that their own data is confidential. 
I need to totally HIDE all calendar data of a superior user and in fact I would like to REMOVE the view options according to profile/role.

Help urgently needed please.
I need additional help with this:

If you want to copy timezone information from contact to related tasks then write a trigger on Task.
trigger updateTimeZone on Task (before insert, before update) { //Contact Ids Set <ID> contactIDs = new Set <ID> (); for (Task t: Trigger.new){ if (t.whoId != NULL){ contactIDs.add(t.whoId); } } //Create a map to match the task related to ID's with their corresponding account ID's Map<ID, Contact> contactMap = new Map<ID, Contact> ([Select ID, TimeZone__c from Contact where ID in :contactIDs]); //Check contactId and update timezone of the task for (Task t: Trigger.new){ if (contactMap.containsKey(t.whoId)){ t.TimeZone__c = contactIDs.get(t.whoId).TimeZone__c; } } }
Replace TimeZone__c field with the respected fields from contact and task.

**I keep getting this error when I copy and past the trigger you sent me. 
Error: Compile Error: No such column 'TimeZone__c' on entity 'Contact'. If you are attempting to use a custom field, be sure to append the '__c' after the custom field name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe call for the appropriate names. at line 10 column 55

What do I need to do?
What do you mean by replace TimeZone__c field with respected fields contact and task?

Sorry I am new to all of this and trying to figure it all out but just hard for me.

If you could please help me or lead me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it! 

Thank you-
Lindsey W. 
I am trying to disable Chatter - it will not allow me to do so per Salesforce Communities Management Program.
When I try to uninstall this package it gives me an error - just says: Unable to Uninstall Package
It does not say why it can't uninstall package - just says: Unable to Uninstall Package
Please HELP! 
Any ideas or advice will help!



I want to remove multi-user calendar view for chatter user or for particular profile. If not possible, is there way to hide calendar details display for users other than logged user.