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I would like when someone selects to change the owner of an Opportunity for the Send Email Notification checkbox to be TRUE by default.

Any thoughts on code to do this?

I saw it at an old job but I didn't grab a copy.


I have some architecture that I would like to deploy to create 1 or more billing line items on an OpportunityLineItem BUT as you know I can't create a lookup relationship to OpportunityLineItem.

Does anyone know of any way through APEX to create such a capabilty? I am fairly certain that some managed packages have been able to accomplish this, but we want to build this on our own.

Thanks so much for any insights!

Hi All,

i am using standard Products and Opportunity Objects, 

i have one requirement like while adding the products to opportunity record if any product has attachments those attachments also be copied to the related Opportunity Line Item record.

but i am not able to do copy products attachments to related Opportunity line Item records. because of Opportunity Line Item object it doesn't related with Attachment Object.

how can i add the product related attachments to Opportunity Line Items records?

How can i achive this functionality?

Please help me on this..

  • October 29, 2014
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