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I've detail page button (content source: Javascript), on Account detail page. Upon click of this button, data on Account will be sent to an inhouse application. Requirement is to show a progress bar upon the button click showing the progress of the data sent.

To summarize-

I'd like to know how can I show progress bar (animated image) with the statuses of integration completed.

For example:

Integration1 in progress..
Integration1 completed..

Integration2 in progress
Integration2 completed.

Any pointers on how to implement this is much appreciated..
Hi Experts, 

am trying to read values from few fields (text and dropdown fields)in a before insert Account trigger.
but to my surprise, when am trying to read values from drop down fields am getting null values while inserting a record. but inserted record has valid values in drop down lists.
but while updating a record it looks fine

below is the code, 
trigger assignLocation on Account (before Insert, before Update) {
 for (Account account : Trigger.new) {
     System.debug('--streetstreet --: ' + street ); // am getting desired value
     System.debug('--citycity --: ' + city ); // am getting desired  value
     System.debug('--statestate --: ' + state ); // this is drop down field, in trigger it shows null while inserting a record.
      System.debug('--zipCode --: ' + zipCode ); // am getting desired  value
     System.debug('--countrycountry --: ' + country ); // this is drop down field, in trigger it shows null while inserting a record.

I have to use BEFORE INSERT/UPDATE TRIGGER, as i have to update a field before inserting.

Thank you
  • September 17, 2015
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