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Very urgent: How to send email using conga workflow with Visualforce page button? I have created VF page to send email using conga & added it on Quote. After Merge & email, when I click send button on standard email template it redirects me to standard email template again. I want send with attachment functionality when I click send & page should redirect to Quote Id. Please help,its very urgent.
This is the page I'm getting after Merge & email of conga after adding mail To when I click on Send button I'm getting redirected to following screen This is the page I'm getting redirected after click send

Note: it works fine if I do it from javascript button but I want it in VF so that I can use it in Salesforce1

Code snippet:

VF(This VF is used as Source for button)

<apex:page StandardController="Quote" extensions="EmailQuoteExtension" action="{!sendQuoteEmail}">


public with sharing class EmailQuoteExtension {
//SessionUrl__c & Session_Id__c are custom formula fields to get server Url & session Id respectively  
    Id QuoteID;
    public EmailQuoteExtension(ApexPages.StandardController controller) {
        QuoteID = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id');
    public Pagereference sendQuoteEmail() {   
        list<Quote> lstQuote = [SELECT QuoteNumber,
                                FROM Quote 
                                WHERE ID=: QuoteID limit 1];
        string quoteStr = 'https://composer.congamerge.com?sessionId='+lstQuote[0].Session_Id__c;
        quoteStr +='&serverUrl='+lstQuote[0].SessionUrl__c+'&id='+QuoteID;
        quoteStr +='&QueryId=[QuoteLineItem]a0iO0000009kbkH?pv0='+QuoteID;
        quoteStr +='&OFN= Quote+Creation+-+'+lstQuote[0].QuoteNumber;
        quoteStr +='&TemplateId=a0hO00000050y5C&DefaultPDF=1&SF1=1&SC1=Attachments&SC0=1&EmailToId&EmailSubject=Quote+'+lstQuote[0].QuoteNumber;
        pagereference pg = new pagereference(quoteStr);
        return pg;
I want to create vf page which will display opportunity annual budgeting.Month is custom picklist on opportunity including all months as values.Type is another picklist on opportunity having values as system,engineering,manufacturing.There must be max 36 records on opportunity(month * type). All the records shoud be editable which will perform upsert on save button.
Sample UI is as below.
Thanks in advance.
User-added image