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We are currently attempting to use Kingswaysoft to intregrate our SQL server but keep getting an error message that says: the remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.  Does anyone have a similar experience?
I wanted to know if it is possible to do the Integration to/from Salesfroce using a SFTP server? I've searched on this community and found some apps such as Dataloader.io etc... but I want to do the integration without any apps.
I will be thankful if anyone could help me with this issue.
Hi Team,
Every time when I make changes to the fields that are text fields,and as I'm suscribed to a push topic it is generating event. But while I am changing picklist field of an object for eg. StageName which is a picklist field of opportunity object, then it is not generating event. Why is it not generating event, Please do help me.

I'd like to develop a 2 way sync with Asana and need to think through how to set it up.  Does anyone have some tips or a guide on how to set up a 2 way sync?  I know there are lots of integration services out there but I'd like to build it from scratch.

For example, when I create a task in Salesforce I'd like to be able to create a corresponding task in Asana and vice versa.  How would I check that I'm not replacing an newer version of the task with an older one?  Would I check the modified date of each?  Stuff like that.


There is no clear and simple explanation of what a connected app can be used for - if I want to query Salesforce through the REST API (for any reasons, from any external point), why would I need a "Connected App"? What's the difference with creating a Salesforce "Integration" User with an "Integration" Profile that restricts exactly what you want/need for that specific integration?

Thanks for anyone's help.