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I am working on "Create a Visualforce page which shows a basic Contact record". I have everything displaying as long as I provide an ID in the URL. The problem is it does not accept it as a solution. 

What does it mean by bound (binding) to a variable?
I found in the Getting Started tutorial that I need to check the VisualForce Developer Mode checkbox in order to start the tutorial.  I can't find that option.  The directions say to do this:
Sign up for a Visualforce Developer Preview. Then, click through to Setup -> My Personal Information -> Personal Information -> Edit. Enable the Visualforce Developer Mode checkbox and then hit Save.
I tried that, but I do not see a check box named Visualforce Developer mode on my Personal Information page.  I thought it might be because my profile is for a 'System Administrator', but I'm not sure.  In any cae, I don't know how to change that setting.
Does anyone know how I can find and check that checkbox?