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Hello, I'm new-ish to apex and am trying to copy over an existing Class we have in our current org. Can someone help me with this one?

Error : Error: Compile Error: Method does not exist or incorrect signature: void assembleFinAcctName(FinServ__FinancialAccount__c, Map<String,Beneficiary__c>) from the type ReportAsset at line 51 column 10

public ReportAsset(FinServ__FinancialAccount__c a,Map<String,String> rtMap,Map<String,String> bfNoteMap,Map<String,Beneficiary__c> primaryBMap,Account household, Boolean isRMD) {
        this.itemDate = a.As_of_Date__c;
        if (this.itemDate == NULL) {
          this.itemDate = date.today();
        this.isRMD = isRMD;
Challenge of Data Security, Controlling Access to Fields in the Developers Trailhead. I spent well over 2 hours on this exercise. It tells me at this time that the "The 'Account Rating' permission set did not have the appropriate field-level security for the Account object."

By now I have tred every combination of check marks and unchecks, and my work place is chaos. Can someone help me with this seemingly simple task?