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I'm working on the Build Flexible Apps with Visualforce Pages and Lightning Components badge, and am hitting some snags.

Snag 1 was creating a new playground. I know how to do it -- but the robots building the playground ran out of power and stalled the first time they tried to build one, and built a non-functional playground the second time (when the 'launch playground' button yields a Page Not Found error, you know those robots had problems), and the third time seemed to be the charm.

Until I started working on the steps.  They validate just fine, which is nice in a way.  But when the instructions say go to the Dreamhouse Lightning app and click on Data Import , then Initialize Sample Data -- and your click on Data Import yields a "This page isn't available in Salesforce Lightning or mobile app"  and then the directions say to click on leads and notice that it looks like Salesforce Classic, because it is -- except you get a notice saying the page is not available in Lightning...  despite supposedly being a custom Visualforce page that works in Lightning.  

Is a fourth playground the solution?  I really would like to see what this VF cutting and pasting I am doing does.  

I'm working on the Lightning Rollout Specialist Superbadge, and got caught in a superbadge update.  Since I'm in the middle of things, I going with the option the update e-mail presented of "Install the new unmanaged package, opting to rename conflicting components in the package..." 

I selected 'rename conflicting components' in the install, but it still failed -- with a helpful list of the conflicting components.  I can rename the Apex Classes and the Visualforce page, but can't figure out how to rename the Lightning Component Bundle.  I tried deleting it, and get the error "Referenced by a component instance inside the Lightning Page Key Sales Data : Lightning Page" 

I don't have Developer skills ... can anyone point me in the right direction for how to go about renaming or deleting the bundle so I can complete the package install?

i am getting below error while completing "Lightning Experience Rollout Specialist Superbadge Step #8"
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
Knowledge must be enabled for the org.
.User-added image

i have alredy enabled knowledge settings..

User-added image

Thank you.
I cannot install Dreamhouse.  Not only does the link in Trailhead NOT lead to installing Dreamhouse, but even using the link provided by other learners, the system says that it can't be installed because it needs APEX classes.  I don't know what that is or where to get it because I am a new user.  (That's why I'm at the very start of Trailhead, right?)  I'm disappointed that this would be happening in the first few steps of starting to learn SalesForce.  Has anyone got a solution to this installation?   Also, is ALL of Trailhead going to be like this? 
  • September 10, 2017
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On the App Launcher tab of my developer org, it's not showing the Dreamhouse App I installed even though I followed all the instructions in the Trailhead instructions in the Getting Started with SalesForce Platform module. I have since seen that there are two possible versions of DreamHouse to launch but I'm not sure how to proceed since the Trailhead instructions has lead to installing a version of of Dreamhouse I'm not seeing on my org. Does anyone know how to proceed so I can complete this Trailhead session?
I am getting an error after installing the Salesforce Adoption Dashboards and attempting to complete the challenge.  It is installing somewhere other than my Trailhead Playground, and though I run through the steps of the challenge (whereever it is loaded) I get an error when I check the challenge

"Challenge Not yet complete...here's what's wrong:
The '3-Sales & marketing Adoption' dashboard wasn't found.  Make sure that you've installed the 'Salesforce Adoption Dashboards' AppExchange package and refreshed that dashboard."

Installed here: https://na30.salesforce.com/0A3?setupid=ImportedPackage&retURL=%2Fui%2Fsetup%2FSetup%3Fsetupid%3DStudio

Trailhead Playground here: https://resourceful-bear-315998-dev-ed.my.salesforce.com/0A3?setupid=ImportedPackage&retURL=%2Fui%2Fsetup%2FSetup%3Fsetupid%3DStudio

Please Help, as my job depends on passing this final module.  Thanks!

In the suggestion Box App Project , in Reports and dashboards module, even though i created the report "Suggestions: By Status" , at the time of verify step it still says "Suggestions: By Status report wasn't found". 

Please let me know if there's already a know issue..Thank you
I'm truly not a developer, and yet a Trailhead lesson is requiring me to perform as such to complete it.  

The subject Trailhead lesson says to Create A Lightning Action.  I've downloaded the indicated installation package for quickcontact lightning component.  However, I don't know where to go with step 2 below.  I tried to glean the needed information from the lesson, but, again, I'm not a developer and don't understand all the code.  If someone could point me in the right direction...using declaritive verbage...I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks,  Scott
To complete this challenge, you need to add a Lightning component to your org. Then use that component to create a Lightning action on the Account object. When the action’s button is clicked, it creates a new contact based on form input. To get started, install this package that contains the component bundle that you'll need to modify.
1. The Lightning component must be named quickContact.
2. Add the appropriate interfaces to the quickContact component. (Hint: there are two.)
3. Create a new action with Label Quick Contact and Name Quick_Contact on the Account object that invokes the quickContact component.
4. Add the action to the Account Layout page layout.