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Hi there!

I'm creating a community which part of is going to be available to the general public with the Public Knowledge Base and another part of will be available only for community users (customers). I would like to know:

1) Is it possible to disable "Contact Support" for guest users?
This button is available for non-logged in users and the cases created don't have any relevant info (like Contact Info); so I would like to remove this from the public view of the community and only have this available to logged in users.

2) Is it possible to customize the "Contact Support" page?
I started using one of the available Community Templates and it works fine for the most part, but this particular page for example, the form to create the case is quite simplistic and I would like to add a few more fields. I would like to know if I can do this by customizing this page?

Here is the Contact Support page:
Contact Support Page

Any help will be much appreciated!
Thanks a million.