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I set the Apex code debug level finest..but check point look  empty..
User-added image

Hi all,

I'm trying to find out how I can automatically create a Community user when a Contact is created. I've had a look around and I think this could be done using an Apex class (?) as a part of a workflow but this is something I'm completely new to, so I haven't got any idea where to start. Is anyone able to give me any guidance here?



 I am working on Security Specialist Superbadge Challenge 4. One of the requirement is 
Field-Level Security—Customer SSN and Bank Account fields on contact records must be encrypted. Any change in the Amount field on opportunity records must be recorded. I cant find Customer SSN and Bank Account fields on Contact Object.
I have reviewed everyone's posts about this error but I am still having difficulty.

Can anyone help with this error so I can move on?