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Can anybody help/suggest/provide solution on the below requirement,

I have 7 custom objects, Object1 is the Parent Object of all other 6 objects and each object has a lookup relation to its parent object (i.e. Object1 has a child Object2 , Object2 has a child Object3 and Object3 has a child Object4 so on...).

I want to display these custom objects in tree view in a VF page and is it possible to write SOQL query for 7 levels deeper to fetch the records of each object and display the related records under each object in the same tree view.


Any help highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.
Hi ,
I want to display recors in treeview fro three objects all three objects in relation of parent-->child--->grandchild.

Can any one help me out for this.


Hi everyone,


     Iam interested in developing visualforce pages...Now i want to develop visualforce page in such a way that i want visualforce page having navigation sidebar showing the  list of all the objects in form of a tree structure... So  I am able to navigate to any detailpage of that particular object.



So someone help me and tell me is it possible to create a treeview of objects in avisualforce page ...which provides me with the complete tree view of all objects in my salesforce platform..So if its possible to develop a tree view of objects (showing related objects i the form of tree)please help me with the code for developing treeview in visualforce page.......