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Currently i am using data loader for data import manually.
I have a requirement like to schedule data import nightly basis.So i  am trying to intigrate sqlserver with salesforce.is there any open source tools for intigration and schedule? Please give me suggestion ..

I have a requirement where I need to run a batch class (Frequency: Weekly) which will generate a csv file and put the file to a ftp server. Do you have any idea how can I achieve the same? Thanks.

With regards,
Sudipta Deb

 We have a requirement to integrate salesforce with oracle DB. We need the the ability to create, read, edit and delete on the oracle DB and data should be stored in oracle DB from salesforce.

 We can use lightening connect to create, read, edit and delete data from and into an external system using any of these adapters.
A.    OData 2.0 adapter or OData 4.0 adapter
B.    Salesforce adapter
C.    Custom adapter created via Apex

***But we read from blogs and lighting connect documentation that there are limitations/challenges in using lightining connect for write/delete/update to external system.

We have any ODBC/JDBC kind of plug ins to connect from salesforce to Oracle DB?. Please provide any information  or any other options on how can we connect salesforce to oracle DB other then lightning connect adapters.

Hi All,

I would like to schedule report in excel/csv format to the corresponding users.
As of now i can schedule report to the suers but they can see in the email body and the its taking toomuch time to open the data because of report data. due to the reason i am planing to send in excel or csv format.

can any one help me 


So I downloaded an ODBC driver from DevART and can connect to my Salesforce schema from SQL Server Management Studio.  I ran run queries against the database.  Are there any other tools that will allow me to query Salesforce data using SQL Server syntax and flexibilty vs SOQL?

Hello Everybody!

           I am new to integration part, Now i have an requirement  I have an Sql Server 2012 on Premise, So I would like to pull the data from sql server database to salesforce automaticlly on regular interval basis( 2 to 3 times a day)....... Is there any better approach for this 

We need to move data from sql server to salesforce........... 
     Please specify is there any open source tools or paid tools......

I would appriciate for any kind of replay
HI All,

I am looking for tool which will solve my problem, my problem is i need to auto export salesforce data from few tables on schedule time so is their any such option from in salesforce or a tool which will support this.
Hi All,

I want to read a csv file from SFTP server and using that i need to create Accounts and Cases in Salesforce. This needs to be scheduled to run everyday. Can you please suggest a better approach for this?

Can i Install Command line data loader inside SFTP server to push the data into salesforce?
SFTP interfaces are not available in Apex as in Java. So I feel that we can not connect to SFTP from salesforce directly. Please suggest

How to integrate salesforce with oracle database ?
I've been tasked with grabbing some .csv files from an external location and importing that data into an SFDC instance on a nightly basis.  There will be some required manipulation of the data involved prior to importing.

I'm thinking the best approach is to develop an Apex class that runs as a daily scheduled job.  The Apex class will do an HTTP request to get the files from the external location, process the data as needed in the Apex code, and populate the appropriate fields.

I've done a fair amount of Apex coding and think I can do this.  My question is regarding the general strategy of this.  Is there a better way to do this?  Are there any gotchas that I need to worry about in doing it this way?

I'm trying to export a large CSV file (150,000 lines) using a batch apex and put the file in a FTP.
When it is about 100,000 lines it throws a heap limit exception.

What could be the best alternative to export a CSV and put it in a FTP folder?

        I am getting daily csv files from other system. it contains the information of account name, contact detials, opportunity details and quote details i want import the records for every 30mins into salesforce, may i know how can i import those records into salesforce for every 30mins.can any one explain me.

I have a csv full of contacts in a server that can be accessed through FTP. What I need is to get that csv and upload it to salesforce every 4 hours. I also need to avoid creating duplicate contacts at the upload time . Besides that, I have to create upload rules that some fields do not change the information if it was changed in Salesforce. For example, i upload a second time the telephone from John, in the csv its 1-800-000-00000 but in salesforce its 1-800-000-00001, so the Salesforce information of that field goes first than the csv. With other fields its the other way around, like an email address in the csv goes first than the email from Salesforce. Any idea how to do this? Thank you very much.

Hi Experts,


 We have data in Oracle Table, Which needs to be loaded inside salesforce Objects, Please suggest me some best method to do this activity 


Please Suggest.






I am supposed to integrate salesforce with Oracle and i have no idea how this can be done, but reading through blogs i was able to figure out certain things, This is what i have thought about and i am doing presently. i am pushing in data from salesforce to SQL tables using a middleware called Apatar, this is wworking fine but later on i dont know how to get the data in Oracle application does any one know this who can help me out? or writing API's is only the method can any one help me out.  Any freelancer or on paid basis:


This is what is supposed to go into Oracle when the order is closed:

The following data should be pushed in from Salesforce to Oracle:


When the user changes an opportunity to “Order Won” the following details should be pushed in a sequential manner from Salesforce to Oracle:

1)      The Oracle system should check if the particular customer is present in Oracle or else create a new customer.

2)      The Oracle system should check if the particular contact is present in Oracle or else create a new one.

3)      The Quote/Opportunity details from salesforce (Information required in Oracle to process the Sales Order). Example: Branch, SalesOrder Number, Segment, Customer Profile, P.O Number Etc.

4)      The related line items (Products) with their respective basic price and tax structure.

5)      Post sending if there are any changes in the related Quote/Line Item then the same should be appended in Oracle system


Oracle To Salesforce:

Once the order is processed then the invoice number and date should be pushed from Oracle to salesforce.


Appreciate your help.



Can anyone explain me how to schedule data import of a CSV file.


I can import a csv file manually but i want it to be automated.


Can anyone tell were to look for.




  • November 22, 2010
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I am aware of the Apex Trigger in Sales Force, but Is there anyway to make Insert/Update from Sales force to MS Sql Server? If I create Web Service, then it needs to be called from externally.


Assume I have this scenario. If someone creates account in Sales Force, it should trigger an event and send this Account Information to MS Sql Server DB of our organization. Once its inserted in our Sql DB, it will create particular AccountID and give it back to Sales Force. The reason I need to accomplice this is our Account creation process used to start from Our own website so it was creating AccountID (Auto Generated) from DB and used from Primary identification for Account across system. Now we want to create Account from Sales Force but need to keeep AccountId generated from DB only.


How can I accomplice this?

Hello Friends,


I have a requirement wherein the users will click on a button and a CSV file should be generated with some data. Now this file should be automatically sent to an FTP server in real time.


Can this be achieved in salesforce by any means?


Please Help!


Hopefully this is the right place to post data extraction questions?
My task is to be able to automate the export of salesforce.com object tables into a MS SQL Server (currently 2005) database tables for backups and adhoc local reporting.  In addition, I need to automate the import process for a nightly sync between a few local information tables and salesforce. 
My requirements are:
- Process should be fully automated
- Process should be able to execute daily (nice to have incremental rather than full copy for export)
- On success or failure of extraction, some individuals should be notified
Currently, I've been trying to use Data Loader version 7, which now has the functionality to connect to databases through a JDBC connector.  However, the examples given are for connecting to Oricale, and I'm not sure what provider / connection string I need to use to connect to MS SQL Server? 
For my requirements, I heard about dbAmp and was wondering whether it's a better fit for what I'm doing? 
Your comments are more than appreciated,
Many thanks,

We currently have an internal application running off of a (somewhat) normalized SQL Server DB and we are evaluating a potential migration of the app/data over to SF. 

Question:  Is there a tool which will allow us to easily export all of our customers (4000+), leads (2000+) and vendors (500+) over to the SF platform directly from SQL? 

(ie. I'm assuming this would utilize a data junction). 

Thanks, Chris