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Hi All, 

I am trying to make a custom currency formula field to enter into a quote template. 

What we want it to do is: If the currency used in the quote is GBP, formula field = X price in GBP
If, however, the quote is in USD, formula field = X price in USD. 

We want to extend this to also include Euro, AUD, and Yen. 

I have tried some formulas, but I keep getting error messages. 
I have two fields Email Opt-In    And Email Opt Out. I need that if field "Source" = FA then one of these need to be check. If Opt-In ischanged to TRUE then Opt-Out =False and it Opt-In ischanged to FALSE then Opt-Out = TRUE. So far I have the first part working with the following:
  1. Evaluation CriteriaEvaluate the rule when a record is created, and every time it's edited
  2. Rule CriteriaAND( 
    Email_Opt_In__c = FALSE, 
    Source__c = "FormAssembly")
  3. Field Update Email Opt-Out Updated To True
If you have any suggestions, please help
Hello all i am working with sales team, some of my team doesn't know actual close date so they want to click on new opportunity close date field need to fill automatically with a particular future date.
Hi guys i need help on one topic, I have my app in Portugues but 2 related lists labels are in english how can i change them to portugues?
Can see on the image below,

User-added image