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Hi- I would like to convert my leads to opportunities but when I do so the field is blank.  I would just like to press the button "Convert to Opportunity".  Is this possible or do I have to write a trigger? Salesforce support said they couldn't help me.


  Is there a way to send notification when accounts are merged in salesforce. 

  • October 29, 2018
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What are the Top must have Salesforce apps?
Hey, we are currently looking for a Salesforce admin in our company, so I have a question: what you need to look for in a salesforce admin?
I am using MS Outlook email from a long time. I use pst password for protecting my all email data.  But after some time, MS Outlook shows the wrong password. I do not understand right now how to unlock my pst password
I want our end uses to be able to send emails via outlook from salesforce by using a custom button. I'm sure it will need to be javascript or something of the sort, but I am not a developer. Does anyone have sample code to be able to do this so that I can have some basic info populate like case subject, the case contact auto populate, ref ID, etc? I want outlook to open when they click the case, and I want the cases to tie back to Salesforce when it's sent, and the email replies also come back to outlook (as well as salesforce). 
We have a custom object in our contacts section that says "Primary contact" and it is a checkbox. Each account with account type customer needs to have at least one primary contact. I do not want to create a step where this is ticked in a flow but I do want it to trigger some sort of validation error or message saying you cannot save a record with account type customer unless you have at least one primary contact. I tried to create a flow but haven´t done this before so not quite sure which parameters I need to add. 
How can I integrate salesforce Helpdesk widget on my site ?
Something like this User-added image
I would like to create a Round Robin on Opportunity but with 1 recordType but 2 different products. So we have 4 persons. 1 and 2 will have product A on the same recordtype and person 3 and 4 will have product B on the same recordtype. How can i create a Round Robin that can show numbers 1 and 2 for product A and 3 and 4 for product B? Do i have to create 2 RR_id fields?


I currently have a process builder send out an email alert before a task is due. How may I set the condition for the criteria to filter out the email alert to only send it out if the last modified date is greater than or equal to 2 weeks before the due date? Do I use a formula? If so, which formula may I use?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
[Task].LastModifiedDate + 14

User-added image

Hey guys,

So I'm trying to create a field where if record is "A" than the field will be a calculation (Total/Estimate), therefore it's a percent field type. But, if the record is "B", meaning it doesn't have a total or an estimate, I'd like for the field to just show "N/A". Is there anyway this is possible to have text in a formula field of percent type. The reason being that I'd hate to have an error or blank field for all type "B"s. Thanks!!!
I was advised that Winter '17 has a customer self-scheduling component for the Field Service Lightning package.  I cannot find any documentation on how to set this component up in the Community.  Plenty of docs on Communities and configuring but nothing specific to client self-scheduling.
Any pointers?
Hi Everyone, 

Does anyone know/working on Field service lightning?
I have to create a real-time POC for my client which I’m working now. 
Could anyone please help if you know about it

I'm currently working as a business development intern at a firm called Accelerize360 that does salesforce implementation for medium sized clients. We recently started getting enquiries asking for implementing field service lightning for them. Since its a new release by Salesforce, I couldn't gather much information besides the ones on Salesforce.com and a few relevant blogs. Has anyone here, had any successful implementations of the same? It would be helpful to discuss a few things before we dive into. 

Samith Bangera

I want to change the standard color of columns of a standard report in Salesforce.
Please tell me how I can do that.

Example. I have a picklist field "Risk" and there are three values in it i.e. "RED", "YELLOW" and "GREEN".
I created a matrix report and do the column groupping on the basis of Risk field . Now I want that "RED" tab or column should be red , "Yellow" should be yellow and "GREEN" should be green.

I am not getting any option to change the color.


what are the validation rules? how to create a validation rule?

OK, here's about as general of a problem as I can think of.  I have a custom object in SF called Service that tracks field service work needing to be done.  It's linked to the Account object and also contact.  This allows me to schedule and track field service work.  I've created a one-to-many link to the case module to track cases identified during the service event.
I need to be able to output a report on a single service record with all its associated cases.  This would be used for example to send back to the customer as a report on what was done and what cases were found.  Ideally this would be integrated into a custom button to be added to the service page layout so that when the field engineer finishes the work, he clicks the button and the report gets generated and sent.  I can't find any way to grab that service record and all the cases and combine them.  It seems the Word mail merge system is limited with the multiple records coming from the case module.  This also is the case for the email alert system.
I'm open to using an S-control or the work flow rules into an email or merging into a word doc or any way to output this information.  Has anyone encountered a similar problem?
  • February 03, 2007
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