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Hi everyone,

I have an issue with receiving duplicate emails over time. For instance, whenever an individual visits our website and navigates to "Contact Us" form and submit it (https://www.screencast.com/t/y91L1gFdK). Soon after someone submits the form, I'm getting a notification that a new prospect is interested in our business. Which is cool, that's the way I wanted it to work. What's unexpected is, after a week or so, again I'm receiving a notification with same First Name, Last Name, Email Address. That creates a duplication of the same contact with same First&Last Name and Email address. Where is the actual problem from, on the Pardot side or website side? I appreciate all your suggestions, once again thank you all!

Hello people,

I'm looking to Integrate Alien Vault (Computer & Network Security) company with the Salesforce. Recently, I spoke with the Alien Vault customer support team about their API details. They said, we don't have any API's like that. Help me to understand, is it any other way I can integrate salesforce with Alien vault. It would be great, if anybody here suggest me some other Apps in relevance to Alien Vault.

Thanks in Advance!