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I'm having problems with the Check Challenge on step 6, with regards to the Chatter Group.

I have created the Chatter group and a lightning page to support it. I have been getting this error for the last hour:
User-added image

It's driving me nuts - I've tried everything, even renaming the page. It's quite clearly there.

User-added image

Salesforce is this a bug?
In this step you're supposed to create a Lightning App for Poloma that contains only the things she wants to focus on.  So I did, I created a Lightning App called Communications, added the Home, Account, Chatter, Reports, and Dashboards tabs, then assigned it to her profile as the default app.

All I get is an error.  "Didn't find a Lightning app named Communications. This Lightning app must include the items that Paloma uses regularly. Paloma must be able to access the app."

Which is completely misleading because the app does exist.  I even logged in a Poloma and checked she could see the app, and everything looked good.  I'm at a complete loss.

Can anyone give any pointers or hints?  I've tried removing the Home tab and checking the step, but I get the same error.  I tried adding in the Key Sales Data page, same error.  Both the home and Key Sales Data, same error.  I tried duplicating the Sales app tabs but reordering them and including what Poloma wants, but still I get an error.