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Hi Team, 

I would like to know if Salesforce considers syncing as update ?
Will it fire an after update or before update trigger once syncing is done between salesforce and other system ?

Nitin V Palmure
how I can make text field non editable (read-only ) which is related to date field....
Then,After I input some value in date field, I would like to make text field editable

This change pertains to the Orders object.

It has an account name lookup field on it. Once the order is validated or reduced, user gets the option to clone the record. 

The idea behind cloning is to create a duplicate offer copy under same account.

Hoeever, After cloning, user sometimes end up doing regression and change the account name. I am tryinf to put a validation rule , that helps me restrict the change , But i want it to work , once once the order is cloned.

Below is the validation rule written. Please propose changes if any?

PRIORVALUE(AccountId) <> "", 
ISCHANGED( AccountId) 
We are looking for help to migrate to Salesforce with 10 Users.
We still have our data in our current crm vtiger
We need also three custom modules 
We need also a connection to Wordpress
More information upon request