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Dear SF Dev Community. I am trying to create a formula field for a custom object. The objective of the formula is to calculate a score based on the value given by another field in the same custom object.
The value given by the field called Age__c. This field output an age value based on the customer’s birthday, and based on this age value, we want to calculate a score.

If (Age__c   >=  18 &&  Age__c  <=24), if this is true, then the output score is 20, else  
 If (Age__c   >=  25 &&  Age__c  <=32) if this is true, then the output score is 30, else

Could anyone please give me some guidance on how to write this sort of if/else if statement? Thanks!


When someone takes the time/effort to repspond to your question, you should take the time/effort to either mark the question as "Solved", or post a Follow-Up with addtional information.  


That way people with a similar question can find the Solution without having to re-post the same question again and again. And the people who reply to your post know that the issue has been resolved and they can stop working on it.