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Hey All,

We have a requirement where user must have entered Account in the Account Name lookup field and the lookup up for Contact should show all Contact names associated with the selected Account Name. And also, In lookup it should show only the Contact records of Account when the Contact Record Matches below criteria:
  "Roll up Status = Primary"

Where Roll up Status is a custom field. 

It has to be done using Sslesforce out of functionlity since client is not recommened for using customization. It would be appreciate if anyone can help me out.
Please find attached screenshot of the requirement:
Please consider Production source lookup as Contact from the below screenshot.

User-added image
Rajani Polampalli
We have a requirement in our project – Once we created a Opportunity record by providing field values,there will be a quick action button called “Send to XXXX”. When we clicked on “Send to XXXX” butto, the details will be sent out to other system. After we clicked on this button, we need to make few of the opportunity fields should be read-only.We are not using any VF page or component for this instead we were using standard opportunity page layout.
Would you please help out me on the same?

We have a requirement to enable 'Login into Community as User'  for one of the Profile. But we don't want to send the 'Welcome Email' for this profile when we added this in community members. We were sending the 'Welcome Email' for other profile whch are part of community members.

Is there anyway that we can restrict to send welcome email for this particular profile only which is a part of cummunity member?
We are migrating Tasks and associated files from Classic Org to different Lightning Org.The request is to bring back all tasks (ALL statuses) with a create date of Jan 1, 2016 or later from Classic and bring them into different Lightning Org.Specifically,we have to bring over the files which are associated with these tasks.These tasks should be placed back to their respective accounts. 
Any solution provided would be appreciated.

Rajani Polampalli.
We have a requirement to assign an attribute value to a parameter in Lightning iframe component. But the attribute value is not passing to an iframe parameter. Here is my code.

<aura: attribute name="saml" type="String" />
<iframe src="{!'https://dev.moneypro.com/xxxxxx/ssosamlnoref.aspx? IntegrationId=139&amp;SAMLResponse=' + v.saml}" width="100%" height="500px" iframeBorder="0" />
Dear Team,

I received an email recently to link my Trailhead and webassessor account. But when I clicked submit button after entering email address, I did not get any verification code mail to proceed further. I have raised a Case with SalesForce Team but have not received any reply from them.Please guide me on the same.

Rajani Polampalli
Dear Team,

I received an email today to link trailhead and webassessor account. But when I clicked submit button after entering email address, I did not get any verification code mail to proceed further. Please help. I am also trying to case but getting below URL

Hi Friends,

We have a requirement like we need to group the opportunities under one opportunity(parent opportunity) and generate the invoice/Billing. 
Creating a lookup relationship under the opportunity itself, it seems to be effecting the forecasting because the parent opportunity also getting added to the user's forecast list. 
what is the best practice to follow and how can we accomplish this requirement. Any suggestions...

Thanks in advance!!!

  • September 13, 2016
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I'm designing a workflow that should update a Date field with Today's Date, based on each time there is movement on a custom field picklist.


1. Filed 1 Name: Job Status (Picklist)

2. Field 2 Name: Job Status Change (Date Field)

4. Evaluation Criteria Every time a record is created or edited

3. Specify New Field Value Selected*Use a formula to set the new value


ISCHANGED( SFDC_Job_Status__c,  NOW())


Error: Incorrect number of parameters for function ISCHANGED(). Expected 1, received 2



  • May 04, 2010
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