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I am having trouble with what I am to do with this trailhead module.  I am at this stage and have installed lightning component quickcontact.
I am not a dev so this is hard for me.

Create a Lightning Action
To complete this challenge, you need to add a Lightning component to your org. Then use that component to create a Lightning action on the Account object. When the action’s button is clicked, it creates a new contact based on form input. To get started, install this package that contains the component bundle that you'll need to modify.
The Lightning component must be named quickContact. (Does this name need to include the capital C in contact? It is loaded as all lowercase) 
Add the appropriate interfaces to the quickContact component. (Hint: there are two.) What does this mean?  Is this referring to editing the code?
Create a new action with Label Quick Contact and Name Quick_Contact on the Account object that invokes the quickContact component.
Add the action to the Account Layout page layout.
Having trouble installing your app? Read this article for help.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  • April 12, 2017
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