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Hi All,

We are getting a strange error while using Ligthinig for Outlook and dataloader for non admin users.
On the same machine and Admin user is able to login using same setup for LFO and Data loader. FYI : APIs are enabled for all profiles.
Attached is screenshot for the same.

Login Error

Hi All, 

I am using an experince cloud site with LWR template. In the site I wish to provide chat option to my customers leveraging Einstien chatbot. I have already created the bot and configured the Embedded services deployment settings. 

Now, I want to use the Embedded service chat component available OOTB on the experince cloud builder. But in LWR template I cannot see the "Embedded service chat" component. 

I skimmed through the documentation of LWR and Embedded Service but couldn't find a limitation. 

Can someone please help if I am missing on something or if there is a workaround to this?

Below is the screenshot from my LWR site builder.

User-added image