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I am trying to trim a value of a picklist field and store it in another field via formula .

For example:

Picklist value "ABC-EDF-Item1"



  • September 16, 2016
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I am trying to get current date, when any body select status picklist from deferred,declined or closed. I wrote the formula for it but the problem is when resolved date is set to current date but if I open that request after it is closed after two or three days , it is changing my date to current date ( New). The formula is below.

Resolved Date=

IF( OR(ISPICKVAL(Status__c ,'Declined - Business Lead (Closed)'),ISPICKVAL(Status__c ,'Declined - Change Control (Closed)'),ISPICKVAL(Status__c ,'Deferred - Business Lead (Closed)'),ISPICKVAL(Status__c ,'Resolved - CRM (Closed)')),TODAY(), null)


I closed one req on 14th April , resolved date field shows thevalue 14th April but if I open that req after two days the resolved date field change its value from 14th to 16th without doing anything. Please help me.


I am a bit of a beginner at formulas, so hopefully one of you will think this is easy, and be able to help. :-)


Customer requirement:


Create a formula field that displays the Week Number (as Week 1, Week 2, etc), based on the Date entered on a particular record (same object).


Ex: 01/01/09 - 01/04/09 would return a value of "Week 1"  

01/05/09 - 01/11/09 = Week 2

01/12/09 - 01/18/09 = Week 3


and so on.....


Is using the CASE function the way to go, and if so, what's the shortest way to create this formula?


Thank you in advance!



  • April 20, 2009
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