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Is there a way for me to get reference fields name or values easily when I have an instance of an object. For example, Case has the field contact name. In apex when I access this field it is the id of a contact rather than the name. Is there an efficient way for me to get values, specifically name, out of the Contact that belongs to that id without trying having to query the whole contact object and any other reference objects that I may need? 

Hi There,

I want to access Metadata of a salesforce org (either developer or sandbox) from another salesforce org. I think I can use oAuth 2.0 to access it. Any thoughts on that? If it is oAuth, can someone guide me a place where I can start with?
BR, Mudi
  • February 09, 2017
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I am creating a form in Visualforce. Since my form is a bit long, it is hard for users to remember the error message at the top and revise it. On top of the error message, I want to create a validation when users typing in their information.
For example, there are 2 field, users name and email. Users cannot leave the name field blank, if so, I want to show a message of "This field is required to fill in" beside the field. And for email field, I want to have another message to remind users to insert a valid email.
Is there anyway in visualforce to do so? Thanks for your help.