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I need to create sequential numbering on an object but not every record requires a number.

I think this may require some code and I am not a developer so wondered if anyone can help.

Here is what I need to do

I have an Object called 'Sales Order'
I have a field on the object called 'Invoice Number' - This is a number field
I have a field on the object called 'Posting Entity Type'

What I need to do is to increment the Invoice Number but only for records where the Posting Entity Type = Invoice

Is this possible and if so could someone help me create a trigger if that is required.

Many Thanks
List<Database.DeleteResult> result2 = Database.delete(oppList, false);
LogDAO.logDatabaseError(result2, 'LagDAO:deleteResult');

system.assertequals(true, opp.Id !=null); 
String errMsg = 'Your attempt to delete Test Opp could not be completed beacuse it is associated with the follow opportunity information.'; 
System.assert(([SELECT Details__c from Log__c Where ExcceptionType__c = 'Delete_Failed' LIMIT 1]. Details__c).contains(errMsg));
Hi, I would like to get some information or sample code about how to read an external file (ie. pdf file) which is located at AWS S3. I´ve already know there is a toolkit to do that, but I also found out that Amazon has deprecated SOAP for their services and it would be sooner or later when they decide not to support anymore new SOAP request (now for example they do it only in https calls and said they won't updgrade SOAP methods, according to their documentation).

Any help on this with some sample code would be appreciated.