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I need a way to capture UTM parameters and create as lead in Salesforce with live chat.
Ex, if user started live chat or live agent and enquired somthing then I need to create a lead with UTM parameters.
Could you please help me with thoughts and experience.
If live chat and live agent won't work then how can I achieve this.
I need way to implement and steps would be great

How can I access the converted lead record?
I'm having one custom lookup field. when I'm converting a lead I want to store opportunity Name and this custom Field name in 2 different text fields.
I need to use these 2 fields in Marketo
Directly Opportunity Name & Custom lookup field from the opportunity I'm unable to access.so I'm trying this way from lead.
Can someone help me?
Hi All,
How to calculate total revenue with all child records sum and display in parent account VF page.
Suppose I'm having Parent Account 'Top-level' with 2 child Accounts 'A' & 'B'.
Account  -- Revenue Field
A -- 100$
B -- 100$
Top Level --- A+B ie 200$

I have Tried Aggregate result but it is showing a list of accounts with the amount but not the total amount. 

In VF I need to show in this format  Top Level Account -- 200$
Please help me I'm new to development.

How can  I do like all accounts in one List or Map and add them? and assign to variable and display the variable.I'm not getting how to put this in Code.
Hi All,

i'm having some questions can someone guide me:

1. I have replaced Live agent with Live chat now I need to integrate with Adwords. but salesforce discontinued Adword's support. What are the best alternatives?

My main purpose is when user(Lead) visited my website I want to capture user source and link for campaign purpose.

Please Suggest.